Leisure Travel Charter

Berry Aviation, Inc. San Marcos, Texas

Leisure Travel Charter

Looking for a weekend getaway in Vegas? A day on your favorite golf course? Have a passion for fishing, hunting, or skiing? Our leisure travel charters can make it possible! Our charters allow you to travel in comfort and luxury to your destination, all without the hassles of long check-ins, flight delays, and missed connecting flights associated with commercial air travel.

Berry Aviation’s fleet of aircraft is among the safest and most comfortable in the world. Your trip is made carefree and convenient with in-flight beverages provided and catering available. Our representatives accompany you on every trip to enhance the quality of your flight and ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Our staff will assist with all of your travel arrangements, including ground transportation, hotel reservations, and in-flight catering.

Berry Aviation Corporate Office


Our Address:                            Hours of Operation:                   
1807 Airport Drive,                     Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm
San Marcos, TX, USA 78666